My long “holiday” was, well, a working holiday. My life is full of Day Jobbe right now, and not a lot else. More as it happens.

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Back At It

Up at 5:30 this morning to add 20 min of pilates onto my 15 min morning free weights routine. *Damn* I am out of shape. This thing with having a chronic illness is that you just notice more when you’re lazy about taking care of yourself. During the last couple of weeks of sporadic workouts

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What I’m Up To

Drowning in Day Jobbe work. This will be the state of things until the end of January or thereabouts. Hard push for the next 6 weeks. I’m also working on cobbling back together a good workout routine. Regular workouts are great, buy my sugar numbers have suffered. Lots of lows this week as I work

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I have a good many things to be thankful for, but it really hit home today as I was browsing through these blog archives. The last five years have been nothing short of… harrowing? Amazing? Harrowing and amazing, perhaps. In any case, it’s made me even more incredibly thankful for where I’m at right now.

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The Autumn Feast!

Full set here. Here’s what we cooked:Ranch Style ChickenSweet-Roasted Rosemary Acorn Squash WedgesSpicy Pumpkin Soup Maple syrup substitute for the pumpkin soup and acorn squash consisted of Splenda mixed with no-carb maple “syrup” substitute. Honey called for in the ranch style chicken was substituted with no-carb maple “syrup” (and turned out very well!).

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