Benefits to Biking a Mile and a Half to the Dematologist’s Office in the Rain

Man, that doctor was HOT. Seriously.

Better, tho – well, marginally better; he was SUPERhot -was learning that my itchy leg was not, in fact, yet another chronic condition. Just itchy, and will clear up in a couple weeks with some topical cream. Seriously? I guess so.

The hilarious, part, however, was when he asked me if my slightly splotchy face “bothered me.”


These must be things hot doctors ask about. I have never considered myself to have an acne problem. A couple of zits never killed anybody, but ah, yes, this is America, land of perfection!

He suggested that I could totally go on birth control pills, which would clear my face right up!

AHA HAHahaha ha ahaha ahaah ha aha….

Let’s see…. chronic weight gain and severe depression or a couple of zits? Chronic weight gain and severe depression… or a couple of zits? (not to mention the $40 a month that would cost. Why did I get an IUD again?)

Let me think really hard about that….. thinking… hrm… thinking…. hrm… math is hard.

These are some of the wacky things that happen when doctors get overzealous. Please don’t get overzealous, doctors. There are bad, bad consequences.

His suggestion did also make him slightly less hot, which was a shame.

Poor, pretty doctor.

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