Ah, China

And, I just have to share an almost blistering review of China Mieville’s latest, Iron Council. As the SF/F genre has a terrible tendency to overhype/overpraise their own, it was nice to see somebody take China to task for some of the purple prose. He’s got some great stuff, fantastic ideas, and I fully intend […]

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Same Story

I’ve just finished reading Susan Faludi’s Backlash (yes, I know, it’s a classic I have no excuses for not getting to sooner). It’s a fantastic, slightly exhausting and anger-provoking book about the backlash against women’s rights in the 80s. Now I’m reading about the latest on the mess of sexual harrassment against women and blatantly

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What’s on my Plate…

via: As many as one in ten college women suffer from a clinical or nearly clinical eating disorder, including 5.1% who suffer from bulimia nervosa. According to Washington Post writer Shankar Vedantam, women are over-represented in ads for psychiatric drugs and “are usually shown as being submissive, sexy or asleep.” Nothing sexier than a

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Turns out Cory Doctorow has a new book coming out. The cover art kicks ass. I survived another boxing class last night. I think I’m getting addicted to it. Trying to figure out how to up the number of classes I take every week. Ha.

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Black Russians

It’s the beginning of a four-day weekend. Sitting here sipping black russians, going over agent query letters. Things at the day job are fantastic. Looks like I might be moving into writing bid proposals, which is a fantastic step. I’m excited. Life is fantastic. I am blessed. Enjoy every minute.

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