By the Numbers

Numbers for the last four days:





For the record, getting these numbers back on track has been a fucking bitch.

I’ve been forcing myself to get up before 9am (which I should have been doing anyway), which helps fight off the higher morning numbers – I take my meal insulin before the morning glucose rush.

It looks like what was giving me those weird nighttime spikes that I had to adjust at 2am was probably all those damned cinnamon almonds and butter toffee peanuts I was eating. I cut those out, and cut out the extra cheese I was eating too, mainly cause of the calorie issue as opposed to the sugar issue, and things straightened up.

However, it means eating pretty fucking strictly, even for me. I still have my one whole wheat pancake on Sat and Sun mornings, but that’s pretty much it. Luckily, berries are in season, so my food routine is something like this:


2 egg vegetarian omelette w/salsa
2 pieces turkey bacon


Mixed stirfry of chicken/beef, carrots, onions, peas, tomato, cilantro, garlic and parmesan cheese
A cup of mixed berries


tomato soup
cheese quesedilla (I found a 9 carb tortilla!)
salad or green vegetable (I like brussel sprouts)
Mixed berries if still hungry

(This isn’t a strict thing – I’ll mix up dinner and lunch or make a tostada or “nachos” by cutting up and toasting the low carb tortilla, but I try to use these same basic ingrediants for my meals: vegetables, meats, low carb tortillas, cheese, vegtable soup etc)

And, of course, regular exercise; bike riding or some time on the elliptical and my morning weights.

Yeah, they’re great fucking numbers, but you can’t keep this up all the time. It’s mainly something I can do during the weekdays because I’ve got a routine, but during vacations, traveling of any sort, big upsets, it’s just not all that feasible. Still, this is what I’d like to see the vast majority of the time, mainly because it means my feet never bother me at night, I have lots more energy, and I just all around feel fantastic.

Fucking pain in the ass, tho.

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