Urgency Care Tomorrow

What I love about reading Diabetes Mine (she’s another Omnipod Pump user) is that pretty much anything that’s happened to her while using the pump also, eventually, happens to me. She’s got an incredible resource of t1 diabetes information that has really helped me get a handle on my illness and the most up to

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Facts About Healthcare Reform

I’m all for healthy debate, but please, folks, read the facts before you go debating. Otherwise it’s not debate, it’s “OMG MY DEEP SEATED FEARS VOMITED IN PUBLIC AND CRAZY KNEE JERK REACTIONS TO DEEP SEATED PERSONAL ANXIETIES AND OMG DEATH PANELS” and that’s just… not helpful. Facts about healthcare reform here.

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Work it Out

I’ve put on six pounds since J. and I moved in together, largely due to the lack of gym across the street (I got used to the convenience of the gym at The Greene), and our shared love of good food. And, OK, some of this is also weight I put on *because* of the

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The Details of Living

If you do not suffer from a life-ending condition and have never had to deal with health insurance companies, medical providers, pharmacies, drug companies, employer HR administators, and the like – all at once – count yourself among the bless’d. It only took five phone calls with three different companies over two and a half

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