For the record, I am also currently suffering from my twice-yearly sinus infection, and too groggy, muzzy-headed and miserable to write anything of any substance at any length. So things might be short, sharp or otherwise quiet for a while. Also, I would KILL for some fruit juice right now. Like, a gallon.

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State of the Gimp

“Wow, that’s a really great hematoma you’ve got there!” my podiatrist exclaimed. “Um, yeah.” “How did you do this? You did a really great job on this.” “Ummmm…..” Scaling the Great Wall of China! Bungee Jumping! Saving a small kitten! “Running to catch the bus,” I said. “No kidding?” Yeah. So, it’ll be another 3

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Mystery Solved

I ran out of vicoden, so I switched to the massive Ibuprofen prescription the doctor gave me. Sometime during my yawning and eye-rubbing sessions today after getting over 8 hours of sleep last night, I looked at the fine print on the prescription bottle and read that “may cause drowsiness” warning. Man. You know, the

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Conferring Status

Why do so many forms in Ohio ask for my “marital status”? Is this something I’m just noticing now because I’ve been to so many doctors the last year, or is this something you see more often in Ohio? Maybe I’m just annoyed at the idea of describing myself based on a legal relationship. I

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Christmas in August

My insulin has, technically, expired this week, and as we all know, I don’t want to pull what I did a month ago and use expired insulin for 2 months and watch my health deteriorate because I was living on credit cards and too fucking poor to live adequately. But I wanted to wait just

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Becoming Insurance Savvy

I know nothing about insurance. Really, nothing. My crash course in how my insurance actually worked was my second day in the hospital, after having come out of a coma 24 hours before, when a woman from the hospital’s billing department called me and asked what my insurance information was. At that point, I couldn’t

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