Latest Pony Mod

This was initially supposed to be a Red Bull pony, but things got out of hand. I wasn’t so sure how she ended up with wings. When I expressed my consternation over this development to J., he said simply, “Red Bull gives you wings!”

Fan Art (No, this is not my work!)

Someone has apparently created a pony mod based on Jay Lake’s novel, Mainspring. I’ve seen a lot of mods inspired by movies and television characters, but I think this is the first I’ve seen inspired by a book.

Mod of the Week

I’m thinking to keep the original “sparkle” plastic eyes with this one, which is a first. For the Nyx pony, I painted over the eyes. I’m also wondering if I should do wings. But, until then, this is about how they all start. In the background, you can see what will soon be my Red …

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Prepping for Autumn

Had to wear a jacket to work this morning. Just a tad brisk. Autumn is coming, and then winter. And there’s nothing better for the sanity than lots of projects. So I picked up a $25 craft table today! Pony mods are back! Have I mentioned how much I’ve gotten done since that free WoW …

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Another Kind of Mod

Someday, I will be able to afford to put together my own gaming computer. And on that day, my friends, my modding skillz will finally be appreciated by pony aficionados and gamer geeks alike. Lo, on that day…


Should I sign up my pony mods for the Wiscon art show? I’m wondering if people would actually pay for any of these, you think? I don’t want to take up space that’d be better suited to more talented artists. It’s a tough room. Been thinking about it.

Latest Pony Mods

It must be winter…. Stephanie thinks my pony mods should be more “brutal.” Brutal takes a lot more work, as it turns out. Isn’t that always the way? Pretty and fem is easy. We have a script for pretty. But I’ll see what I can do. As an aside, Jenn once asked me if there …

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Latest Pony Mod

Because when it gets cold and dark, you can only spend so much time at the gym, working on your French, or writing.

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