On "Promoting" Obesity

Isn’t there some inherent sexism in focusing on the weight of a woman who is making a living because of her singing and songwriting skills? Does every Jack Black interview have to include “relevant” information about his weight? Seth Rogen became a star without a svelte physique. No one cared if we posted about those […]

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Pump Weight

I go in to see my endo on Tuesday. It also so happens that the last couple of days, I’ve noticed that the dreaded pump weight seems to have caught up with me. I’d actually thought I’d avoided this, as it appears to me that I’m using *less* insulin than I did before I switched

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Somebody should tell that Rhino she’s fine just the way she is. Also, I love me some pretty unicorns, but at the end of the day, the rhino’s gonna win in a rumble.

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Please Do Edify Me…

As to why it is that 80% of the time you read one of those “Americans are all so FAT!” articles that the only gender whose FATNESS is measured from one decade to the next is… women? You can’t tell me that it’s about “AMERICANS” who are getting fatter and nobody did any comparisons on

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My First Dream in French

Or, rather, my first dream where I found myself in a French-Arab country and tried desperately to communicate in broken French. I was with someone else, collecting all sorts of wizardly potions for some kind of ritual at this big old house and we were in the souk and found this little sort of herb

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