Going Forward

Some more thoughts here.

I’ll try and say not too much more about this, because I’d like to move on to covering women’s rights, fantasy fiction, and health issues. All of which are likely going to be of even more importance from now on.

I think a part of me was hoping I’d be able to get off the hook a little bit, with a dem. presidency. I wouldn’t have to worry so much about the repeal of Roe vs. Wade and the erosion of women’s rights. It wouldn’t be perfect, no, but I wouldn’t have to worry about a Supreme Court packed with people who declare my body not my own once a guy’s semen fuses with my egg.

I’m genuinely appalled at the results, not just that baby Hitler won the popular vote, but that the dems lost… everything. The House. The Senate. Hell, they’re a minority of govenors. I can’t believe Americans did this. I can’t believe they bought into the Fear: Fear of terrorism, Fear of those Evil Gay People and their Evil Marriages, Fear of women having sex with men willy-nilly and getting what the men left behind scraped out of their uteruses.

Fear. This huge wave of incredible fear has carried this guy into a popular and political majority. Yes, it’d be great if Kerry won Ohio, and the vote’s still out, but that doesn’t change the way the other numbers have turned out, and doesn’t change the popular vote. Little Hitler has his Mandate From Heaven.

I was flipping back and forth last night between CNN and The History Channel. HC was airing a show about Hitler’s rise to power. They were interviewing Germans alive during Hitler’s ascendence, and one woman said, “The young people now, they ask us why we didn’t protest, why we didn’t go out in the streets to try and change things. We didn’t because we were afraid. It was a time of fear.”

That one hit me in the gut.

It was the gypsies, the Jews, the handicapped, the gays (sound familiar?), who played Black Sheep to Hitler. Make everybody afraid, make everybody hate everybody else, and make everybody look back at their neighbor over their shoulder.

My grandmother lived in occupied France. My grandfather was an American GI on Body Detail, cleaning up concentration camps and burying soldiers.

I used to think that all of the Bush=Hitler rhetoric was a big leftist conspiracy, a spin show. And yea, of course it is – for now. Bush isn’t as smart as Hitler, but what I’m seeing with these numbers is that people really *like* him. True Believers *believe* in him. They’ll sanction wars with Iran and North Korea if he says so, because he says so. They won’t stop to think about it, they’ll just do it. No talking, no diplomacy, just bombing the shit out stuff.

And you know what? I’m a historian. Not only that, I’m a historian whose concentration is on war: the politics of war, the propaganda, women’s roles in war, war and masculinity, etc. I’ve been boning up on the history of guerilla warfare, and after doing so, I can tell you this: these people have no idea what the fuck they’re doing.

I have no doubt that all of my friends and family in the military – some of whom have already been to Iraq and back – are going to go back. If they die there, I’m going to be really, really pissed off.

The majority of Americans are eager to send their sons and daughters off to die in obscure desert countries to Save us from the Evil Gays, the Evil Arabs, and the Evil Welfare mothers.

I think it’s fucked up.

I have no more to say about it – except that I am deeply, deeply, pissed off.

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