Deana Carter’s CD The Story of My Life. That whole thing United Airlines has, where they play the same four songs from the same six CDs over and over in constant rotation throughout their flights for months on end? Works really well to lure business travelers into buying said CDs…

Michael Faber’s incredibly cool and creepy Under the Skin, a book about a female human-looking creature who goes out and picks up male hitchhikers and… well, you’ll just have to read it and find out. Deeply creepy, very good. Definately my kind of book.

Chicago’s Riveria Theatre, right around the corner from my house. Went to a Westerberg concert there on Friday with B, and had a good time. The acoustics aren’t great, but it’s a neat venue. Next time, I’m going to buy lots of beer, too. There’s just something about a smoke-filled rock concert that makes one want to consume large quantities of alcohol…

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