Oh, boy. Wow. I love professors.

I’m not even going to tell you how much better pretty much everybody I know is with money, compared to me: but let me tell you, who they go to bed with every night (or every year, or on a good weekend) has nothing to do with how well they spend their money or how much they put into savings. Like, at all.

I want to see this guy’s scientific studies. I want your raw data, your control group, dickwad.

I could make up some “generalities” about dumb-ass, old white male professors, and how great they are at sticking their feet in their mouths and playing holier-than-thou, but I’m not going to to do it, because though it may be “generally” true, what kind of half-assed “studies” or “theories” do I have to go on?

Why, none. So I won’t walk into a classroom and tell them you’re an asshole cause you were born white, male, and mostly straight.

via Positive Liberty, who talks more about it.

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