The work folks like to make offhand comments about my perceived high standards in men (which appears to be the only reason they can comprehend my singledom). Apparently, my inability to sleep with people I find physically attractive but uninteresting sounds pretty weird to some of them.

“I would take interesting over hot,” I said to our DB guy this morning. He gave me this look of spurious disbelief, like I’d just climbed up from under a rock, covered in seaweed.

“I don’t need to date a traditionally attractive person. At least half of my attraction is mental. If they can’t keep up with me, what’s the point. It’s why I had to stop going on dates with that guy who had the big TV. He was deliriously cute and physically, totally my type, but when we started talking? Nothing. Nada.”

Sure, I could have had sex with him. And I wouldn’t have gotten off on it.

Maybe that’s what most people who worship at the alter of pretty bodies don’t get.

Pretty bodies alone don’t do it for me. It’s just so much meat.

Not that pretty isn’t nice, and not that I don’t have a type. But there had better be a lot more going on than pretty.

What I didn’t tell them is that I think that my singledom has more to do with the fact that I enjoy being single than that I have particularly crazy standards.

But then, maybe that’s the rub: I have to be pretty wild about somebody before I switch out my happy single life. So maybe I have some crazy standards afterall.

Just the way I like it.

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