More Fighting. More Classes. Yeah!

Had a great class last night. I’ve managed to figure out how to get to my MA school in time for the 6:15pm class (leave work at 4:55 and catch the bus from the train to the school, instead of walking that mile-and-a-bit). So I lose some walking time, but gain the kick-ass 6:15 class that I was always walking in on after it already started, where I’d stand around warming up for my 7pm class and marvel at how everybody managed to keep up.

The 6:15 just rocks. It’s a cardio and technique class, which basically means you’re doing 2 min jump roping, then 2 min of rotating bag work (working a specific combo or kicking technique during each round), then 2 min jump roping, then a minute of abbs, then back to the bag…. You do this for 45 min. Most people then stay for the boxing class after that, which is the one I usually take on Weds.

I was really wowed at myself this time around. Is my technique perfect? No. Was I tired on the third round of jump rope? Oh yea. Did I feel, at some point, like I might die? Well, actually, no. Our last round was partnered situps where we’d pass medicine balls to our partners as we came up into a situp. I powered through it up until those last three reps, when I started losing steam. I was partnered with a purple belt, who nodded curtly when we were done. “You did good,” she said.

It helps, of course, that I clock about 150 situps in my 20 minutes of free weights and stretching every damn morning.

It was the first time I’d done a class where I actually *felt* fit (again, comparing myself to myself and not to the people in the class who’ve been doing this four days a week for the last two or three or five years). I am not, in the words of my roomie, a Supah Ninjah – but after three months, I feel confident saying that I feel really powerful.

The funny thing is, this new upburst in strength and stamina (I felt I did really well during Monday’s class as well), comes after a really slacker week. Last week, my boxing class got bumped for a “special” pilates class (to advertise the new Saturday instructor), and I not only didn’t go jogging last week, I didn’t even go bike riding. I halved my exercise time, but felt a big upsurge in stamina this week – exactly the opposite of what you’d think. There’s something to the whole, “Down Time,” thing.

I also went ahead and signed up for unlimited classes (I was on the 2-day-a-week schedule before). Starting next week, I’ll be going in Mon, Tues, Weds, and Thurs.

Yes, I realize I told myself I wasn’t going to do more than three times a week, but I figured saving my Saturday was worth tacking on another day during the week. Also, by taking the 6:15 class, it means I’m home before 8:30pm every night, so I do have some down time to eat dinner, prep for the next day, and read before bed.

Once I get comfortable with the four-days-a-week routine, I’m going to work at staying for the second class on Mondays and Wednesdays. But that’s a ways down the road. We’ll see how I hold up with back-to-back classes first.

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