Because when you follow the rules, it actually works.

Sat down with what I had in the bank, what I’m getting paid Friday, and wrote out the next round of bills.

I had exactly $210 leftover for groceries for the next two weeks. About $30 more than is in the budget for said groceries. Until I realized I could take the Feb. rent payment out of my Feb 1st check, I thought I had completely hosed up my budget completely, and here I was, already in the hole again! I wouldn’t be able to make the $900 a month in credit card payments that I need in order to be solvent in two years!

I was already failing!

Oh, wait.

Ah, yes, math. Hrm.


Never my strong suit.

But then, I’m not good at plot either, and it doesn’t mean I just gave up and went, “Well, I can’t write plot!”

I started working my ass off to learn how to plot.

Money is no different.

That’s the idea, anyway.

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