OmniPoddery: At least it’s not a 30% failure rate this month!

I was looking forward to blogging about how I’d gone through an ENTIRE BOX OF PODS without having one of them fail… and then the last one in the box failed this morning.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, but the one I was wearing had come unstuck this morning, so I went to change it out with my backup at work. At 10am. And it was my backup that failed.

After the last hellish experience I had nursing myself through a day at work when my pod failed at noon, I decided to trek it home and get it replaced.

Note that this is the post-diabetes, post-layoff, post-Chicago Kameron talking. The default part of me wanted to stick it out. It’s embarrassing asking your boss if you can either take a half day or work from home. I have a ridiculous amount of “You show up and do your job” work pride, and I warred with myself over it for about 20 minutes before I gave in.

Why did I give in? Because I remembered how fucking awful I felt last time I nursed a failure with shots-every-hour insulin, and how it took another day and a half just to get back to my old self afterward. If I don’t have to force myself through that… why would I do that?

There’s tough – knowing that yes, if I have to, I can do that – and then there’s just willfully stupid… doing it for the principle of the thing.

So I asked my boss if I could work from home, since busing it home and then busing it back meant I wouldn’t get back to the office until after 1pm anyway. He was OK with that (there are advantages to being a writer – you can write anywhere), so I’m working from home today; I only have a couple of small projects.

When I called to report the pod failure, I was actually pretty OK with it. I honestly don’t mind a 1 in 10 or 1 in 15 failure rate. That’s OK with me. It was very civil. It’s that 30% failure rate that starts to fucking grind on you.

I really hope this rate keeps up, because my sugar over the last month has been totally stellar.

I like being healthy. I like being sane. There are too many awesome people in my life right now to screw it all up over bruised pride.

Sometimes you should actually take advantage of offers – like working from home – that will save you and your loved ones a lot of pain and discomfort later.

That’s what it’s there for.

That’s what I keep telling myself.

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