Was sick most of the weekend, which meant I stayed in bed and finished reading a bunch of books that I was reading concurrently. So, finished Kim Chernin’s The Obsession, Nick Mamatas’s Move Under Ground, and Sharon Shinn’s The Shape Changer’s Wife.

Short review would be a) old but base book about anorexia, half of which was interesting, the other half of which sort of waxed poetical about the female body. Not that I didn’t appreciate that, mind you, but my own biases were getting the better of me, and I was getting ancy, as in “how much longer until this book is over?” ancy b) as for MUG, reading this book is like being on drugs. If you like that sort of thing, and you’re a fan of Cthulu and/or Jack Kerouac, read this book. If not… well, this is an “acquired taste” sort of book c) and Shape Changer’s Wife is a really great book, until you get to the epilogue. Which is crap. I’d forgotten that Sharon Shinn was a romance writer at heart… an American romance writer, where everybody needs to form chokeholds on each other at the end. So, read this, but if you’re like me, skip the crappy romance-formula epilogue (which, I feel, undermined the entire point of the entire frickin’ story. Ahem. But, that’s me).

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