Seriously, this routine has got to change…

Crazy work all day to meet deadlines, come home, food while watching old Carnivale episodes, homework until 9:00, leisure reading and bed by 9:30.

It’s time to get the writing, working out, and video games in there. Seriously.

Things have been in such an upheaval cause of the move I just haven’t had the time to institute a proper routine. This one, I think, is a “recovery” routine. Keeping my head above water until things slow down.

I don’t like it, so I need to work on changing that this week.

Yes, this is also why things are quiet here, and totally empty of substance. Work is taking a lot of creative energy right now (don’t get me wrong – I love it! It’s just… it’s like crunch time for video game writers/designers, you know? That last hill before the launch when you’re frantically getting as much done as possible in order to launch a product, knowing it’ll still be slightly buggy and there will be things to iron out after the launch, but working your ass off as quickly as possible to make sure there’s the least possible amount of bugginess for the launch).

Also, got hit with some more responsibilities. This job is really pushing me as far as being able to wear a lot of hats and succeed in many different roles – writer, designer/developer, salesperson, trainer, project manager, coordinator, customer service, etc.

If you would have told me a year ago I’d be spending time at my job reviewing film footage and managing sales and marketing projects, I’d have laughed.

Oh, yes, I love it… but I’m working twice as hard – with four times as much responsibility – and still getting paid my “tech writer” salary.

Yeah, that’s supposed to change.

I’m also supposed to have health insurance that works.

I’m not holding my breath.

But life would sure feel a little less hectic if I had working health insurance and was being compensated appropriately, eh?


Le sigh.

New routine next week. Just need to iron it out.

Just like this project.

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