Snapshots From my Worklife, 3

8:15 am – Arrive at work after walking in from the train station. Put lunch in the fridge. Open up my e-mail, update the sitetracker.

8:18 am – Download a copy of games from Play Antz and 3D Morris. The Antz usually win.

9:00 am – read random blogs.

9:30 am – open chapter 27. Snarl at it. Close chapter 27.

9:55 am – open one of the early chapters of book 2. Type a couple sentences. Snarl at them. Close early chapters.

10:00 am – update my blog

10:30 am – nibble on some almonds, have a string cheese or something.

11:00 am – get more coffee. Play Antz again.

12:00 pm – Open chapter 27. Snarl at it. Reread the beginning. Delete something.

12:30 pm – Lose at Antz again. Play 3D Morris. Lose at that too. Download some more free games.

1pm – Lunch. Read a couple chapters of Zelazny’s The Guns of Avalon. Go for a walk at the nature preserve across the street.

2pm – print something out for my boss. Harass Yellow about something random (if he’s still in the office).

2:01 pm – Lose at 3D Morris

2:30 pm – Write a couple more sentences in chapter 5 of book two. Update my blog. Cruise adding books to my wishlist.

3:00 pm – Open chapter 27, replace everything I deleted

3:30 pm – have some coffee and a protein bar, download more free games.

4:15 pm – read random blogs

4:50 pm – go home.

I get paid for this.

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