Stolen from vanbrosia at the LJ Feminist Forum:


So I went to an Automobile Expo yesterday.

I knew what to expect. I knew that there would be female staff there hired to look pretty.

However, I expected adult women to be the staff. What I saw was barely-adult, near-anorexic, pale, and very scantly clad girls in stillettoes. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sixteen. They were so thin that bones were sticking out, ribs could be counted, and they were so pale they looked like they were ill. Half of them weren’t even there to help with the cars; they were just there to stand and look pretty.

Geez, why not use cardboard cutouts? One shiney pretty object next to all the other shiney metal objects?

It prompted this exchance between me and my dad.

Dad: There’s something I don’t get, though.

Me: What?

Dad: I read an article once that said it’s women who buy the most cars. And there’s an equal 50-50 of men and women here. So why are all these girls here?

Me: Sexism, dad.

Dad: *sigh* Yeah, I bet that’s true.


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