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MIRROR EMPIRE Back in Print! Holiday Giveaway

After a tough few weeks (we sold out of the first printing in, like, a month) I’m pleased to announce that THE MIRROR EMPIRE is back in print!

That means it should be showing up at your favorite bookstores (not just B&N) today or later this week. Amazon, B&N, Booksamillion already show it available, and any bookstore you ask should be able to order it for you no problem now.

As the holidays are upon us, I wanted to celebrate! Most of you may have already bought your paper copies of THE MIRROR EMPIRE, but if you haven’t, or if you want to purchase copies for friends and family for the holidays (WHO WOULDN’T??), now is a great time.

I know a lot of folks were bummed about missing out on the B&N promo because they didn’t have a B&N anywhere near them. So here’s your second shot:

Purchase a paper copy of THE MIRROR EMPIRE (from any bookstore in the US!) today, 11/17 through 11/30, and send the receipt to and we’ll send you a free bookplate AND you’ll be entered to win a copy of THE MIRROR EMPIRE wall map, in full color, signed by me. The more books you buy… the more entries you get.

Questions? READ THE FAQ at the end of the post.

Here’s how big the map is! Who wouldn’t want this? (in fact, this is my LAST copy, so I won’t have one either after this)


And here’s what your bookplate will look like. A new design, different than the one for the B&N promotion, so if you’re a super fan you can collect the set.



Q: Am I eligible for the promo if I backordered a copy of the book when it was out of print?

A: If your receipt is dated 11/17 (the date most major retailers listed it in stock) or any other date within the promo period (up to 11/30) then yes! Your credit card is generally not charged until your backorder is shipped, so the receipt should have a date that’s valid for the promo.

Q: Am I eligible for the promo if I buy an electronic copy of THE MIRROR EMPIRE?

A: Alas, no. What would you do with that book plate?? Buy a copy as a holiday gift instead! Every book you buy gets you an entry in the contest for the wall map. Just think of the SHINING HAPPY FACES OF THOSE WHO WILL RECEIVE THIS GIFT.

Q: I’m not buying the book in the U.S. Am I eligible for this promotion?

A: Alas, not this time around. I’m trying to keep the postage for this one in reasonable limits, which is why we’re also limited to the first 250 individuals who enter. But I still like you!

Q: I already bought a paper copy of THE MIRROR EMPIRE AND an electronic copy. Do I REALLY have to buy ANOTHER paper copy to enter the map giveaway and get a bookplate?

A: Think of it this way: now you know what your whole family is getting for the holidays! Your shopping is DONE!


 Holiday Giveaway 11-12



Bookplates ahoy! Barnes & Noble Promo Prizes are in Transit

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the Barnes and Noble promotion that ran the first two weeks of release of THE MIRROR EMPIRE.

I’m pleased to say I shipped everyone’s bookplates (the first reward) today. If you don’t receive yours within two weeks, please email XXXX and we’ll see about getting that sorted.

It was super fun to put these together and it really helped first week sales (we need a reprint already!) . So thank you!

The second half of your reward will be sent to the email address you provided two months before the release of book 2, EMPIRE ASCENDANT, currently scheduled for October 2015.

If you missed out on this promo, don’t worry – we’ll have other stuff cooked up for next year’s book release. Until then, hope you all enjoy your book plates!

Supplies! What, you thought I’d just throw a bookplate in an empty envelope?


I couldn’t find any flesh-eating plant stickers. So… I improvised. As one does.


Finished product!

Get FREE copies of GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL

If you’ve been hungry to read GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL, but were just waiting for the right time – this is it.

In celebration of the release of RAPTURE, the final book in the trilogy, Night Shade is giving away totally FREE ecopies of BOTH GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL.

Yes. Both books.

Here’s how to get yours:

Just send an email to Night Shade will shoot back an email to you with the info you need to download the files for GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL. Both Epub and Mobi files are available.

Free downloads are only available from November 1st to November 8th, 2012.

Don’t miss it, folks.

(Oh, yeah… and if you like what you read? RAPTURE’s out now!)