God’s War

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But wait! What do you have to say? What SHOULD you say? What’s the catch? No catch. Just free books. So comment away, or these fine books will remain in a rather fine box. And who wants that?


My copies of my FIRST FUCKING NOVEL arrive, and I get my first Publisher’s Weekly review. WHY YES IT IS A MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All That’s Fit to Print

God’s War, the novel I started back in the misty-haze of post-graduate school in Chicago, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com (and Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Night Shade’s site, of course). Proofs are in the mail, and I’m told there will be cover art to weep over (one way or another) quite soon. …

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You Know You Haven’t Blogged in Awhile When…

… you’ve got half a dozen spam comments to clean out. I’m alive, just work-busy and busy-busy with some promo projects for God’s War (really want to have a killer FB page and flash-based site for the book, which is almost done. I know, I know, but fans love flash). I promise, more content soon.

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