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Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse: Featuring Nyx

Good morning, dystopic peeps!

GOD’S WAR, the first book of the Bel Dame Apocrypha/God’s War Trilogy has been out of print since late last year. The publisher is re-issuing the books in mmp with updated, streamlined covers – just in time for the launch of the new story collection, Apocalypse Nyx!

Because Nyx really is the hero we need right now.


Tentative re-issue schedule:

GOD’S WAR: May, 2018



INFIDEL: September, 2018

RAPTURE: November, 2018



Get ready! (I am!)



God’s War Wicked Winter Carnival: WE SURVIVED!

With today’s post on tragedy as comfort fiction over at Charlie Stross’s place, so ends my three-week blog tour for the paperback release of GOD’S WAR in the UK (hint: buy one. Buy another for a friend).

There was a lot of incredible news this week that I’ve been sitting on for a bit. The biggest being the 2-book deal with Angry Robot books for a new epic fantasy series, starting with THE MIRROR EMPIRE, due out this September. This means that… yes, my friends, we’ll be doing this all over again in September. The good news is, my inspiration for these new books wasn’t the same as the last, so it won’t be all South African bugs, chronic illness, and Alaskan outhouses (I feel like somebody could do a really awesome parody of one of my blog posts now). I’ll have a whole new batch of awesome featuring orreries, flesh-eating plants, blood magic, and tortured orphans.

If you’re a blogger interested in hosting a piece from me this September, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll be putting together this calendar in the coming weeks, because as much work as it was, it did what it was supposed to do, which was have people go, “Who the fuck is this Kameron person?” Which really, is about all you can ask for.

Thanks again to everyone for hosting posts. It was greatly appreciated and I owe you all a beer, or a soda, or some tea. Now I have a 160k book to write.

So… I’ll see you in September!





Three Covers



God’s War Wicked Winter Carnival: Week 2 Wrap-up

In celebration of  my first mass market paperback release, ever, in the UK (for GOD’S WAR!) I’ve been running all around the web sharing nutty posts on worldbuilding, persistence, desire, and SF/F.

Folks have been incredibly kind in hosting. Thanks to all of you.

For those looking forward to more – we have one week of posts left! For those sick of me – we have one week of posts left! 

Here’s what’s upcoming, as well as what you might have missed:


There will be some NEWS this week in addition to posts. NEWS.

  • (I think I still owe a fantasy review site something. Stay tuned) (1-27)
  • “BugTech: Applications in Myth, Magic and IRL,” hosted by Charlie Stross (1-28)
  • Reddit AMA – Ask away! Projects, guest posts, advice, rants, all welcome (1-29)
  • “The Media Churn: How Corporations Manipulate Bloggers” (1-30)





God’s War UK Release Day: What’s Happening

Today’s my first mass market paperback release, ever. It’s in the UK, and it’s for my first novel, GOD’S WAR. Yeah, it launched in May of last year (which is why it’s eligible for UK awards) but it happened during a time when I was caught up with a lot of other publishing concerns back here in the States. So this month I’m happy to launch the book properly.

I’ve had some posts up with various folks around the web this week who were kind enough to host, with more to come in the next two weeks. Here’s what you might have missed:



  • “A Complexity of Desires: Sexuality in Science Fiction,” hosted by The Booksmugglers (1-20)
  • On Persistence in the Writing Game, hosted by Chuck Wendig (1-21)
  • “In Defense of Worldbuilding,” hosted by Fantasy Faction (1-22)
  • “Creating Better Fantasy Economies (Who Does All the Work?),” hosted by Suzanne McLeod (1-22)
  • Gritty vs. Classic Heroes, hosted by Civilian Reader (1-23)
  • “Rewriting the World: Masked Narratives in History,” hosted by Liz Bourke (1-23)
  • “In Defense of Unlikable Women,” hosted by Kate Elliott (1-24)
  • “BugTech: Applications in Myth, Magic and IRL,” hosted by Charlie Stross (1-28)
  • Reddit AMA – Ask away! (1-29)
  • Guest at Charlie Stross’s blog (content TBD) (1-30)

Thanks again to everyone for having me as a guest this month.



The Body Project: Free God’s War Novelette

Del Rey UK has posted Part One of Two of “The Body Project”, a new Nyx & co. novelette, on their blog. Part Two will go live on Thursday, the 16th – which is also pub day for the mass market paperback version of God’s War in the UK.

“The Body Project” was written specifically for folks who haven’t read God’s War before, and is set during the 7-year gap between chapters four and five of God’s War, when Nyx and Rhys have been working together just a few weeks. If you have friends who haven’t picked up the books yet, this is a good piece to steer them to (and it’s free – can’t beat that)

Here’s what it’s about:

Nyx and her ragtag team of mercenaries investigate the death of a man she used to serve with at the front, a man who’s supposed to have died years before – and a thousand miles away – from where she finds his body. 

As one would expect, there’s body-swapping, insects, plenty of banter, sexual tension, fights, chases, escapes, and Nyx making some very dubious decisions. If you can’t wait to read Part II on Thursday, I’ve also released the full novelette on Kindle for .99 cents.

Read Part One Free                                                        Purchase Full Version (US)

   Purchase Full Version (UK)

Body Project Cover FINAL

God’s War Wicked Winter Carnival

In celebration of the mass market release of God’s War in the UK (my first mass market release!), I’ll be visiting a bunch of blog-dens, releasing a new Nyx short story (set during the 7 year gap between chapters 4 and 5 of God’s War), swinging by Reddit, and even getting out of the house for my lone con this year.

If you’re in the UK or have friends in the UK, now, my friends, is time to purchase forty copies of God’s War. If you’re in the US and haven’t read it yet, well, no excuses. It’s 2014!

If you’re inclined to keep pace with this sort of thing, here’s where all the juicy new posts and other goodies will be this month. Will be teasing topics next week. Suffice to say I’ll be covering a lot of ground related to writing, women, war, worldbuilding and other fun things that start with “W”, as well as other letters of the alphabet:


January 10th
First Goodreads Giveaway begins

January 13th
Guest post at Juliet McKenna’s
Guest post at Kari Sperring’s

January 14th
Part 1 of New Nyx short story, “The Body Project” goes live on the Del Rey UK blog.

January 14th
“Why I read SF” in tandem with my mom’s essay (yes, really): “Why I don’t read SF” hosted by Pornokitsch.

January 15th
Guest post at Anne Lyle’s

January 16th
Mass market release day for God’s War! 

Part 2 of New Nyx short story, “The Body Project” goes live on the Del Rey UK blog. Also becomes available on Kindle
Guest post at The Speculative Scotsman, with bonus book giveaway

Second Goodreads Giveaway begins!

KICKOFF: “Buy GW for a friend” week. Purchase GW for a friend (US or UK) and I’ll reimburse the first 75 people to buy it during this week for up to $10 of the purchase cost. Just a little bonus thank-you for super fans. Details to follow on date. 

January 17th
Attending ConFusion in Detroit – panel schedule forthcoming
Guest post at Violin in a Void

January 20th
Guest post at The Book Smugglers

January 21st
Guest post at Chuck Wendig’s place

January 22nd
Guest post at Fantasy Faction
Guest post at Suzanne McLeod’s

January 23rd
Guest post at Civilian Reader
Guest post at Liz Bourke’s place

January 24th
Guest post at Kate Elliot’s

January 28th
Guest post at Charlie Stross’s

January 29th
Reddit AMA

January 30th
Guest post at Charlie Stross’s


As ever, thanks to folks for supporting these books. Future work in this biz is often dependent on how well prior work does, so thanks to everyone for passing this one along to friends and family. It means a lot.


INFIDEL UK Cover Reveal, and GOD’S WAR Mass Market Cover

Covers! Covers! Covers!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about release dates for the second two books in the Bel Dame Apocrypha over in the UK.

INFIDEL is set for May 1st, 2014 (with ebook possibly before then), and RAPTURE scheduled for the year after (sorry!). The good news is I have a cover reveal here for you already (I love the hornets, I won’t lie): 





And, coming January 2014 we also have the alt format (UK version of mass market, basically) GOD’S WAR lined up, now with shiny new alt cover (this was already posted publicly elsewhere, so I’m calling it fair game). As you can see, we’re getting a lot of mileage out of that Lauren Beukes quote…


Welcome to Skyhorse’s New Night Shade Imprint

As the news has now broken, I wanted to share some postmortem thoughts on the Skyhorse/Night Shade deal which has now gone through.

For those wondering if I took the deal: Throughout the last couple of months, a lot of information has been gathered about Skyhorse and Start, it’s epublishing arm for the new imprint. Like any publisher, there’s good and there’s bad, but by all counts, Tony Lyons at Skyhorse is a shrewd businessman, and, I’ve been assured, will adhere to the letter of our contracts and pay authors on time. As I’m no longer actively publishing titles through Night Shade, the most important thing to me right now is to ensure my books are well distributed, available for retailers to order, and my checks come on time. All of the information I gathered led me to believe that these things will happen under Skyhorse, and that they will adhere to the letter of my (revised) contract, which is why I decided to take the deal.

And, of course, the fate of my UK deal for the Bel Dame Apocrypha was at stake, too. I’m very happy the Del Rey UK version of God’s War is out in bookstores now and generating some great reviews. This also means I’ll be attending this year’s World Fantasy Convention in the UK for certain now. Looking forward to connecting with fans and industry pros on the other side of the pond.

god's war tpb-packshot 50percent (2)

I’d like to thank the SFWA for advocating for authors from the beginning, even if on our end we initially felt a bit thrown to the dogs. It became clear once the news broke that the situation at Night Shade was pretty much a roiling shitstorm, and navigating that is not something I’d ask my worst enemy to do. The SFWA did push hard on several key things in the contract (which is clear from their letter to authors) that Skyhorse/Start would not budge on.  It took the internet storm of authors and agents and continued push by the SFWA to get everyone better terms. So thanks to all the Night Shade authors and agents (and fans! Especially fans of the Foglios’) who took to the net to advocate for better terms for everybody, not just Night Shade’s top authors. No author likes to lose their shit on the internet, but this was one instance where going public proved to be the only way to get things done.

As for my part in this, all I did was moderate a forum for discussion about contract negotiation and curate information – an exercise which would have been useless if nobody showed up. So I’m really humbled by fellow Night Shade authors, agents, and numerous other members of the genre community for all the support and advice shared there. Skyhorse expected to negotiate with 20-30 of Night Shade’s top authors, not 200, and it was that collective push that helped move the mountain. So thank you to everyone for pushing.

There are also a lot of people who forwarded links, rumors, innuendo, and information that I would like to thank publicly – including the person who suggested a forum for sharing information in the first place (not my idea! I was supposed to have this book done a month ago!) – but because of the nature of this thing, a big wall of confidentiality was put in place early on. We all know each other, and we all have to do business together going forward; nobody wants to look like a public troublemaker in this biz. I was OK taking the hit publicly (Twitter calls ahoy!), but to all those other folks involved all I can do is thank them in a general way – you all know who you are

Publicly, I can thank Mary Robinette Kowal, the SFWA’s representative/advocate/liaison during this deal, for all her hard work and cat wrangling. She should never have to buy another drink at a con ever again. I’d also like to thank Charlie Jane Anders at i09 for covering this story as it developed.


So, where do I go from here?

My books are still available from the usual suspects, and will hopefully be in a few more places in the coming months. I look forward to seeing who Skyhorse hires to take on the bulk of the editing of Night Shade’s titles. I wish the new imprint much success. They have a hell of a list.

Thank you again to everyone involved in this process. Publishing can be a minefield, and a rollercoaster, and a scary spastic haunted house carnival ride that often feels like you’re doomed to undertake alone. But I am proud to be part of a community of authors, agents, editors, and fans who care so much and so deeply for one another. Good luck to all – those now a part of the new imprint and those moving on to other opportunities. And to other authors out there, it is my fervent wish that you never, ever have to go through anything like this during your own career.

As to where I’m off to: I need to go finish this fucking book. Because it’s pretty good.

And then, hopefully, I’ll go cash some checks.

God’s War UK: Two Years After My First Novel, Some Thoughts

Today’s the release date of my first novel, GOD’S WAR, in the UK. It’s been a long time coming, and a process not without its hiccups. But the day’s here. I’m told book stores have ordered it, even(!), and it’s sitting out on shelves across the pond and hopefully soon, across the globe.

god's war tpb-packshot 50percent (2)

Writing a book can be a lonely process, often done in a vacuum. You do the best you can, and you work intensely hard. I wrote the first line of God’s War: “Nyx sold her womb somewhere between Punjai and Faleen, on the edge of the desert,” in 2004, after returning from South Africa. I wanted to write a novel about a bounty hunter, and I was still haunted by the sound of the muezzin outside my flat in Durban.

Thus began eight years of writing and research. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of agents and deals and haggling over contracts and stressing over sales numbers, and angsting over reviews, and one very, very drunk night with a bottle of whiskey while I live-streamed the Nebulas.

When I signed with Night Shade books and it hit the shelves here in the U.S., I hoped to sell 3-5,000 copies and maybe get on the Tiptree honor list or something nice like that. Night Shade is a small press, and that’s not a bad run, for them. I did not expect so many people to read it, or care about it, or care so passionately about it. I certainly didn’t expect the awards attention. But I was most delighted when this book got two offers from UK publishers. It’s a weird, dark little book, and I’d always thought it’d do better in the UK than in the U.S. Now we’ll see how that turns out.

I get asked a lot about what I think of the “controversy” surrounding the book. I read all of my reviews, and I used that feedback to adjust and strengthen and add more nuance to subsequent books in the series. Not writing from my death bed also helped the coherence and nuance of subsequent books, and I admit that though I am happy to see folks responding so well to God’s War, I still think Infidel and Rapture are the better books.

That said, what I think of these books isn’t really relevant once I release them. You do the best you can, you take the hits, you incorporate the feedback, and you use it to write better books. I hope that folks who find aspects of the first book problematic hang around for the sequels. I made some deliberate and not-so-deliberate choices, but there was a purpose for them, and a series arc I was working toward. I also made a lot of mistakes, which I own, and there will always be things I’d have done differently, but I wrote the book I had the skill to write at the time.

I look forward to seeing how the series does in the UK, though I’ve stopped reading reviews of the books, at least until I begin my next series set in that world (don’t hold your breath. I have another project I’m pitching first).

I learned a lot while writing these books, and though I know it’s lame to say it, I miss Nyx intensely. All the time. It’s why it’s been so gratifying to read most of my reviews, to find people who connected with her the way I did. I wrote a heroine I had never seen in fiction before (the closest is probably Monza from Abercombie’s Best Served Cold). I wrote an 80’s apocalypse hero who just. won’t. die. and lived and breathed and fucked and fought however it was she pleased, without guilt or apology. I wanted to create a character that de-romanticised the ruthless-assassin-on-resource-strapped world trope.

It’s heartening to see that she’s fascinated so many other folks the way she fascinated me. Now, I look forward to a whole new group of readers across the globe getting the opportunity to read about her and her disfunctional little team of rogues, too.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support these books. It means a lot, and gives me hope that there’s a future for this type of strange buggy fiction.

Get FREE copies of GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL

If you’ve been hungry to read GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL, but were just waiting for the right time – this is it.

In celebration of the release of RAPTURE, the final book in the trilogy, Night Shade is giving away totally FREE ecopies of BOTH GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL.

Yes. Both books.

Here’s how to get yours:

Just send an email to Night Shade will shoot back an email to you with the info you need to download the files for GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL. Both Epub and Mobi files are available.

Free downloads are only available from November 1st to November 8th, 2012.

Don’t miss it, folks.

(Oh, yeah… and if you like what you read? RAPTURE’s out now!)