Today’s my first mass market paperback release, ever. It’s in the UK, and it’s for my first novel, GOD’S WAR. Yeah, it launched in May of last year (which is why it’s eligible for UK awards) but it happened during a time when I was caught up with a lot of other publishing concerns back here in the States. So this month I’m happy to launch the book properly.

I’ve had some posts up with various folks around the web this week who were kind enough to host, with more to come in the next two weeks. Here’s what you might have missed:



  • “A Complexity of Desires: Sexuality in Science Fiction,” hosted by The Booksmugglers (1-20)
  • On Persistence in the Writing Game, hosted by Chuck Wendig (1-21)
  • “In Defense of Worldbuilding,” hosted by Fantasy Faction (1-22)
  • “Creating Better Fantasy Economies (Who Does All the Work?),” hosted by Suzanne McLeod (1-22)
  • Gritty vs. Classic Heroes, hosted by Civilian Reader (1-23)
  • “Rewriting the World: Masked Narratives in History,” hosted by Liz Bourke (1-23)
  • “In Defense of Unlikable Women,” hosted by Kate Elliott (1-24)
  • “BugTech: Applications in Myth, Magic and IRL,” hosted by Charlie Stross (1-28)
  • Reddit AMA – Ask away! (1-29)
  • Guest at Charlie Stross’s blog (content TBD) (1-30)

Thanks again to everyone for having me as a guest this month.



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