ConFusion Schedule: Jan 17-19th

I’ll be at ConFusion this year in Detroit (LEGENDARY ConFusion, I’m told) along with a number of other extraordinary folks. As this looks like it may be my only con this year (barring News), I hope to see a bunch of folks there.

Note to those trying to contact me at ConFusion: Just @reply me on Twitter. Ya’ll know I’m an addict. In addition to my phone, I’ll also be bringing my laptop to catch up on just a *tad* bit of work at the con (JUST A TAD. Trying hard to get caught up this week so I can spend more time at the bar).

I also really dig my programming schedule. You can probably figure out why just by browsing the bolded headlines. 

Here’s where you can find me (besides the bar):

How to Write Compelling Male Characters
Stina Leicht (M), Jacqueline Carey, Cherie Priest, Kameron Hurley, Mike Carey
2pm Saturday – Michigan Room
We examine writing the other, but try to wrest from the discussion the assumption that the default character is male.

How is Twitter changing writing?
Sam Sykes, J. C. Daniels, Carrie Harris, Kameron Hurley, John Klima
6pm Saturday – Rotunda
More than many other social media, Twitter allows anyone to interact with their favorite pop culture icons. A fan might tweet about a dream where she was rescued by Nathan Fillion only to have him respond with a “you’re welcome”. In this landscape, communication between and among fans and authors is in flux, breaking new ground and knocking down walls without apparent effort. How has this impact helped and hurt the speculative fiction landscape, and how will it continue to do so into the near future? You are encouraged to live tweet this panel.

Fixing inconsistencies in your own works
Kameron Hurley, Ron Collins, Howard Tayler, Janet Harriett, Cherie Priest, Catherine Shaffer
10am Sunday – Rotunda
You have just discovered, upon rereading a previous novel in the universe you are writing, a point that completely nullifies the plot of the book you are trying to write. What do you do? This particular issue comes up often, and the solution may make everything better. Our panel discusses how to proceed from this thorn, once you’ve calmed down…

Faking History
Brigid Collins, Brian McClellan, Kameron Hurley, C.C. Finlay, Howard Andrew Jones
1pm Sunday – Erie
Legends generally take time. History has a weight that helps to propel the present and inform a culture. In building an epic backstory in fantasy or science fiction, how does one do that? Flat out stating “there is a legend of this thing with a badger” only serves to make an audience look for the badger, so how does one craftily insert these details without a reader taking conscious notice? Who does this well, and what can we learn from some others who have done it less well?



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