Awards Eligibility and Recommendations

I’ve never been keen on listing eligible works, especially when I don’t have many, but I keep fielding questions about this on Twitter, so here’s a post I can point ya’ll to instead of endlessly rehashing.






RAPTURE, my last book, came out in 2012, so isn’t eligible for any 2013 awards. Nor is the series as a whole (but it was eligible last year. Spilled milk, my friends!). However, I encourage everyone to vote for:

AJ can also be nominated in the Best Debut novel categories.


God’s War came out in the UK in May of last year, and is eligible for the usual suspects when it comes to UK awards.

I spent most of last year – from February to October – writing a 160k novel for a new trilogy, (out August 26th!) so aside from blog posts, I wasn’t especially prolific (publicly, anyway). I have one short story up:


My creepy sentient spaceship story, “Enyo-Enyo” appeared in both The Lowest Heaven anthology (June) and Lightspeed magazine (October) in 2013 and is eligible for short story in pretty much every award category, I think.

However, before making up your mind, be sure to check out all the short fiction from Benjanun Sriduangkaew that came out last year. She is astonishing, and if you haven’t heard of her yet, you’re missing out.


I’ve seen a few people list me as eligible for this due to blog posts like this, this, this, and this and articles I’ve had in Locus this year (the Locus articles are paid, so shouldn’t count, I’m told – luckily I have a whole unpaid blog archive here). This is a weird category to think of myself in, since I’ve been blogging since 2004 and publishing fiction since 1996, but I’ll concede that the blog’s gotten a massive upward surge in traffic the last 12-14 months with some of these posts.

That said, for this category I recommend you all consider Foz Meadows, who I think has been passed up for this one one year too many.


“We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative” can also be nominated on its own for the Hugos as Best Related Work, which seems to be what a few folks are doing. If all you liked of what I did this year was this post (and I think there were something like 70-80,000 of you who read it, which is more readers than have picked up all my books combined by a massive margin), then skip fan writer and go to Best Related Work, or hell, consider doing both. This one was popular with writers across the spectrum, from comics to gaming to spec fic.

If I’m never known for writing anything else, ever, I’ll be happy to go down being known for this one.


Sorry, haven’t been Campbell-eligible since 2006. Yes, I’ve been doing this awhile! However, I do recommend that you consider:

Who are both basically writing the kind of fiction I could only dream of writing.

Have fun with awards season, folks.



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