Training Tonight

Tonight was 25 minutes jogging followed by 25 minutes biking. I’m starting to up the jogging by .1 miles per session to kick it up a little. I’m only jogging at 4.2 right now, and I think I can get that up to a proper running speed of 6 (::gulp::) in the… um… foreseeable future?

I’ve also realized I can’t follow the original training schedule as written, which is apparently OK so long as I get the time in (hence the biking and jogging in one day). I was supposed to do biking yesterday and jogging today, but doing my Mon/Weds hour and a half training session at work and then *another* session after work is still a little much for me to think about.

As it is, I’m currently working out 6 days a week, one of which is weight training only (my Monday training session at work). I’ve been working really hard to get up to a 5-6 day a week workout schedule, so this makes me pretty happy. I’ll be a little more joyful if I’m still at it in 6 weeks. It’s the consistency that’s key.

So far, my “mix it up with different cardio exercises and a set schedule” thing has worked really well. I’m at nearly three weeks, and I can notice a huge difference in strength, form, and endurance, particularly when it comes to the swimming. That’s definately the event that I’ll show the most improvement on.

And yes, for those curious, I have started training for a Triathlon Sprint. Whether or not I will actually run one (the events they do have are quite a hike from Dayton), has yet to be seen. However, in 12 weeks I should have the *ability* to run one if I can find one.

If nothing else, there should be a duathlon at Kettering Rec. Center near my house sometime in January/February, which is a running/swimming event.

One of the big problems I’ve always had with working out is that it seemed to have no end purpose, no end goal. I need structure and something I’m building toward. Seeing some of the folks at work, who run marathons and half marathons, and, of course, reading this blog made me wonder what I could physically do if I actually applied myself.

I’ve been working my whole life to be a writer, and yeah, it’s fucking tough and it’s still tough every day to keep at it, but it means I do have the drive to accomplish things. I’ve just never applied that drive to anything physical, because I always felt I just didn’t have the body/stamina/inherent whateverness for it. Mainly, I just didn’t have the drive to try it. I’d rather stay home and write.

Now, after that whole almost dying thing, I’ve become a lot more interested in what I can do with my life. And I know my time is not infinite. Better now than… possibly never. You just don’t know what’s going to happen around the next bend.

It’s a part of the big projects I’ve been working on the last year and change. Being better at relationships, getting control of my finances, finding real strength and security in my life. These are really fucking tough things for me, and training for a triathlon is no less tough.

But these are attainable things. Yeah, it’s hard fucking work. Just like writing, you have to do it every day, and you have to plow through the hard stuff, and people will make fun of you and some days you’ll hate yourself, but if I can write books, why can’t I do this? If I can travel around the world, why can’t I run a Triathlon?

If I can keep on breathing, despite having a condition that will kill me within about 12-36 hours of ceasing my medication (being a zombie is my secret superpower!), really, I should be able to do anything.

Also, while I’m at it, I’m going to have a level 70 in WoW.

And learn Arabic.

But anyway, first: novel writing and event training.


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