Yes, Mercenaries Die. That’s Why You’re Getting Paid So Damn Much

Watched a documentary tonight about profiteering in the Iraq war by private companies like Halliburton, Caci, Titan, Blackwater, and others. I’m always amused that the same folks protesting using tax money to provide healthcare to their neighbors didn’t raise a peep when Halliburton was charging U.S. taxpayers $100 a pop to do a load of laundry for...

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On

May 1, 2010

Because in the face of Nazi invasion, this is generally the best thing you can do as a civilian. Well, that, and join the resistance. But for those of us often overwhelmed by simple daily living, it’s not a bad mantra for life-crazy. Sometimes we get worked up over the daily grind like it *is* a Nazi invasion, and you know? Not so...

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