Ah, Budgetry

I was nearly $300 over budget last month. A lot of this is just crap stuff. Tons of dinners out, a couple of bus rides to Cincinnati, and if we count the new phone I had to get because I dropped my old one in a cup of diet Coke, well, we’re pushing $500 over budget.

Yeah, that means I had to use the credit card this month, which I fucking hate. I’ve had to pull it out several times over the last 3 months to cover a lot of crap: new clothes for work, a handful of dates I hadn’t properly budgeted for, a pumpkin dinner party I also didn’t budget for, two lunches out with Steph that I knew at the time I really shouldn’t agree to even if I was ordering water, and a trip to Sam’s club that I make every three months that I should really start budgeting for (it’s about $150 every time, so $50 a month will cover it).

All told, this isn’t horrible – it just means that I pay less toward my CC payment every month. Progress is being made… sort of. Just not… in an ideal way.

I also approached my boss today about continuing classes at Sinclair toward my Marketing Management degree. Student loans have come due, and I prefer to stuff money toward my CC debt before my student loan debt. So, it’s back to school in a couple of days and back to paying the full $750 a month toward the CC instead of the $250, $450 or $500 I’ve been managing the last 3 months.

I’ve had a really wild, wonderful summer, but it’s November now, and time to stop bleeding money. If I want a car next year and a house after that, it’s gonna take some self-restraint on my part.

Man, I hate self-restraint.

On the upside, I found out today that my old insurance company is finally starting to pay an old $800 medical bill of mine (it’s been over a year). They paid $188 of it, and I’m resubmitting the rest now as per the CSR’s suggestion.

How any other company that pays a bill two years after being billed for it stays in business is beyond me.

Mmmmm health care in Amurika.

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