The Year I Drowned My Emotions

For over a year now, I haven’t wanted to feel anything. Not joy. Not sorrow. Just… nothing. I wanted to feel nothing. Certainly, there’s an element of depression, there. My doctor kept upping my meds. They would work for awhile, and then I’d just sink into the Nothing again. I didn’t feel depressed, because I […]

Hurley Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Howdy folks! Well, it’s that time of year again, where we take a look at our TBR stacks and think, “Wow! I sure could use more books!” If you’re hungering for some adventuresome reads that are just a darn good time – perfect for others for the holidays or just need to spend those Amazon/B&N […]

The Last Jedi: Promises, Pitfalls, and What Sticks With You

Note: Spoilers for The Last Jedi (YES ALL THE SPOILERS) I came out of watching The Last Jedi, and was like, “Well, that was good, but I’m not blown away.” It had a lot of threads; it felt like three movies in one, and cramming all that story into one movie made it feel a […]

What Comes Next? Everything

When I was a  wide-eyed baby author, I scoffed at what was known in the business as “the bitter midlister.” The bitter midlister was an established author who had written three or more books but who either wasn’t making a living as a writer, or wasn’t making a very good living, or had seen some […]

Saving the World One Dog at a Time

We picked up our new rescue dog, Pepper, last Wednesday. He is a good boy. Pepper is a loveable, happy mutt, about four months old. He loves to climb up on the highest point inside the house and survey his domain. He enjoys stealing Indy’s toys and eating Indy’s food. Most of all, he enjoys […]

From Good to Great: Starting With “Why”

I’ve been working on getting better at building good habits and cultivating greater discipline. It’s been far too easy to fall into lazy habits recently. While my doctor did up some meds, and that will surely help me stay on task, I’ve realized that my lack of purposeful habit has a lot to do with […]

GET TO WORK HURLEY: Episode 6. Discover the amazing power of cultivating good habits, learn how to organize your life when overwhelmed, and find out more about how to fully leverage your work for the most $$$.

Heya folks! The GET TO WORK HURLEY podcast is a monthly rant about the hustle of making a living as a writer of All of the Things. You can support this podcast each month as a Patron or make a one-time donation.   EPISODE SIX : In this episode I discuss the amazing power of cultivating good habits, how to organize your […]

Ongoing National Horrors Can’t Be Unplugged, But We Go On

Scalzi wrote recently about the struggle to write during the current burning of America. It may seem like a droll thing, compared to all the horror happening elsewhere, but the fact is that many of us rely on our writing income in order to eat and pay the bills. A state of constant horror and […]