GET TO WORK HURLEY: Episode 8. why psychopaths get rewarded in capitalism (but shouldn’t be #lifegoals), how to stay focused when the world is a mess, and how to plot your way out of a nasty book bind

Heya folks!   The GET TO WORK HURLEY podcast is a monthly rant about the hustle of making a living as a writer of All of the Things. You can support this podcast each month as a Patron or make a one-time donation. EPISODE EIGHT: Let’s discuss why psychopaths get rewarded in capitalism (but shouldn’t be #lifegoals), how to stay focused […]

Once More Into the Breach: We Ride, We Ride, We Ride

Despite a lot of deliberate work, I’m running behind on writing THE LIGHT BRIGADE. Much of this, I’ve found, has been me second-guessing myself about… well, everything. Much of this is simply a mental block, I know. My self-esteem took a hit with BROKEN HEAVENS. I don’t want to turn in another partial/very rough draft. […]

Writing Income: What I Made in 2017

In my continuing series related to what I actually make writing fiction every year (see 2016 here, 2014 here, 2012 here, and I know there are more, but can’t find them). Book payments, royalties, foreign sales, film 16000 Self pub royalties 167 Short story reprint sales 1750 Patreon 29179  TOTAL $47,096   Here’s what that looks […]

Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse: Featuring Nyx

Good morning, dystopic peeps! GOD’S WAR, the first book of the Bel Dame Apocrypha/God’s War Trilogy has been out of print since late last year. The publisher is re-issuing the books in mmp with updated, streamlined covers – just in time for the launch of the new story collection, Apocalypse Nyx! Because Nyx really is […]

The Year I Drowned My Emotions

For over a year now, I haven’t wanted to feel anything. Not joy. Not sorrow. Just… nothing. I wanted to feel nothing. Certainly, there’s an element of depression, there. My doctor kept upping my meds. They would work for awhile, and then I’d just sink into the Nothing again. I didn’t feel depressed, because I […]

Hurley Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Howdy folks! Well, it’s that time of year again, where we take a look at our TBR stacks and think, “Wow! I sure could use more books!” If you’re hungering for some adventuresome reads that are just a darn good time – perfect for others for the holidays or just need to spend those Amazon/B&N […]

The Last Jedi: Promises, Pitfalls, and What Sticks With You

Note: Spoilers for The Last Jedi (YES ALL THE SPOILERS) I came out of watching The Last Jedi, and was like, “Well, that was good, but I’m not blown away.” It had a lot of threads; it felt like three movies in one, and cramming all that story into one movie made it feel a […]