Books I’m Reading (and you should be reading too)

Here’s the latest roundup of what I’m (perpetually) reading:

ascension-by-jacqueline-koyanagi-194x300Ascension by Jacqueline Koyanagi

There’s been some buzz about this one in the circles I follow, and for good reason. Complex, fascinating heroine (she has a chronic illness!) running around a space-opera-ish universe. I’ve heard the book likened to really good Firefly fanfic, and that’s not a bad thing. There are badass women running around doing badass things and falling in love with each other and with starships, and I’m totally down with that.



no-return-by-zachary-jerniganNo Return by Zachary Jernigan

Yes, I’ve been reading this one a long time, and you should be too. I even went out and bought the hardcover in addition to the ebook, because the world was so lush and the language so intoxicating that I wanted to have it in hardcover. Yeah, there are some strange structural issues, but I could give a shit. Don’t let the cover fool you – it’s a hypnotic sort of read the evokes a lot of the same awe and wonder I felt reading Gene Wolfe’s stuff; the Elizabeth Hand blurb tells you all you need to know. If you love the shock and awe of science-fantasy and don’t care much for paint-by-numbers plots, pick this up.



Tregillis-3-NecessaryEvilUK[13]Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis

Another book I’ve been reading for a long time, because it’s the last in an incredible series that I really, really don’t want to end. Tregillis comes across as one of those writers who just sits down and effortlessly writes out a brilliant, clean book. He makes this shit look easy. His characters are heartbreaking and creepy and Gretel in particular will stick with you a long time. Be sure to start with the first in the series, Bitter Seeds, which is epic gold in itself but even more epically golden if you’re a military history-loving SF/F nut like me.



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