East and West

“Superman and his buddies will be uniting with The 99, superheroes already popular in the Middle East and who personify the 99 attributes of Allah. Created by Kuwaiti-based Teshkeel Media, The 99 are ordinary people who develop special abilities after coming into contact with a mystical glass. They do not have secret identities and include

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4 to 46

I do wonder when we’ll hit the tipping point. Think it’ll take as long as 10 years? The buildup, sure, I understand that taking 10 years, but once you hit the tipping point, the rest should come on down just like dominoes. Til then, keep on truckin.

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Why I Wrote God’s War

I’m on page 92 of The Electric Church. I picked this one up because it’s about a Gunner, an assassin, who gets hired by the government, puts together a team, and goes after a religious organization. This should sound a tad familiar to those who’ve been following God’s War. The main character is snarky and

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A first reader of God’s War argued that there must be a better term for the wraps/cloth one uses to bind one’s breasts other than, “breast binding.” I finally sat down and did some research tonight, and I’m telling you: I still can’t find a better term. The closest I came to finding a less

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