Man, My Ass Hurts

I got up at 5:30 am this morning and it was cold and dark outside and I thought, “What the fuck am I doing? It’s cold and dark outside.” But by the time I was cognizant enough to realize how stupid this was, I’d already taken my adjusted Lantus dose, and half an hour later,

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I have now successfully paid (or partially paid, in the case of the doctors’ bills), all of my bills except for the one from unemployment. The Office says they “overpaid” me by $65, and they’d like that money back. During the 4 weeks I was out of work, I received a whopping $655 from the

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The company I work for leases the top ten or twelve floors of a big high rise downtown, and my co-receptionist, Nell, and I receive all of the FedEx, DHL, UPS and messenger deliveries for all ten floors on our floor. We serve as the public reception desk – there’s another one on the Executive

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Well, Fuck

It’s snowing again. In March. The thing is, when I got back to the lower 48 after my two-year stint in Alaska, I got into the habit of assuming that Spring came in… March. This is because in WA State, where I’m originally from, the Spring bulbs spring in… March. But here in Chicago, Spring

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One of the first things you learn, as a traveler, one of the hardest lessons, is that you always take yourself with you. This sometimes really sucks. You default to the best and worst in yourself when you strip everything else away, and you figure out how much of who you are is tied to

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