You know, the first Matrix movie, in light of reading even more Gibson, is still pretty good. But the clusterfuck that was the second two is just even more obviously a derivative slapdash hackjob.

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And that would be….

So, Ray Bradbury insists that the public has been “misreading” Fahrenheit 451 since, well, 1952. According to this article he wants to “make news” by speaking out about his real intent behind writing the book. It is not a book about censorship. It is “a story about how television destroys interest in reading literature.” And

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And I Woke Up

I had a dream that I was watching “the real” season/show finale of “Buffy,” and everyone was running around this enormous, dim library about as big as a 20-storey warehouse with books on all walls and this huge hanging candelabra of shelves coming down from the top and everyone was being hunted by the things

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Does the whole Simon Cowell poking at Paula Abdul (physically) thing bother anybody else but me? I realized last night that if I have to see Simon Cowell poking at Paula Abdul one more time, I’m going to fly to Hollywood and throttle him. When she stands up and starts hitting him and telling him

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The 300 (take 2)

Steph: OMG that movie was awful. Me: I LOVE THAT FUCKING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steph: OK, it WAS pretty cool when she killed that guy. Me: THAT WAS THE FUCKING BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steph: Really, it was horrible. Me: IT WAS THE BEST HYPER-MASCULINITY SHOW EVAH!!!! LOOK AT THE BLOOD!!!! “WE WILL FIGHT IN THE SHADE”!!!! LOOK AT THAT

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