Notes to Myself

Is it a good or a bad sign that as I’m proofing our 300 page Ops Manual I’m thinking, “Well, at least this doesn’t need to be SEO-optimized.” I’ve think I’ve officially become a corporate writer.

Job Tips

For my buddies in the middle of job searches (including my Daddio!), here’s some stuff to keep in mind: “Here’s why you’ll need humility: If you are like most people, you will get the shit kicked out of you in the job search. Typically, the job search process is a six month-long, broken, politically-biased, ill-conceived, …

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Google Adwords

Today’s writing lesson: google adword haiku I’m developing an incredibly broad skillset here at the dayjob.


Man, it’s been awhile since I got behind on e-mail. My day job is eating my life. In a *good* way, mind. It’s keeping my brain busy, challenging, rewarding, but yeah, after this big sales project is done I’ll need to slow down a little.

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