ConFusion 2015: Panel Schedule

I’ll be at CONFusion next month (eeeee) from January 16th-19th. That’s… in 2015! 10 days before my book will be due! OH LORDY.

I plan to be at the bar that Thursday night, so I do hope to see the early birds there as well to kick off the drinking right, as you can see my first panel isn’t until 5pm on Friday.

And if you miss that Justin-Landon-interviews-me-and-Joe-Abercrombie event, well… YOU ARE A FOOL WHY ELSE WOULD YOU COME TO THIS CONVENTION BUT FOR THIS ONE EVENT???

So, here we go.

Here’s where you can find me!

Friday 5pm: What About Peaceful Societies?
Utopias are often described to be perfect, peaceful societies. Peaceful societies in Sci-Fi are almost without fail a reference to enforced peace and a situation to be escaped from – the dystopic novel. But what happens to peaceful societies that aren’t part of a dystopia world? Can any society truly be peaceful? And what’s the conflict worth writing about in an inherently peaceful society?

Saturday 1pm: Bugs, Magic, and Protein
We share the planet with quintillions of insects, so it’s no surprise that they have an unfathomable range of uses. Let’s make the versatility of insects work for us, from a food source to a magic system.

Saturday 3pm: Mass Autograph Session

Saturday 8pm: Joe Abercrombie & Kameron Hurley interview
Justin Landon interviews best-selling author Joe Abercrombie and Hugo winner Kameron Hurley

Saturday 9pmThe Business of Publishing

Come listen to me and Mike Underwood, North American Marketing Manager at Angry Robot Books, and other fine folks, give you the TOTAL UNCENSORED TRUTH about the business of publishing. Have some drinks beforehand.

Sunday 1pm: Post-Binary SF
Non-binary gender exists—it is not new, it is not confined to people in one cultural or linguistic group. Non-binary pronouns are in use by real people. The future, whether it incorporates non-binary gender(s) or goes beyond the binary—and it will do one, or both, of these things, in reflection of the reality of non-binary gender—will see shifts in language. It is absurd for science fiction not to reflect this. It is especially absurd in a genre used to language invented for the story. How can we improve on this?


Until then, back to the word mines for me!


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