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Gencon 2015 Schedule

Gencon is coming at the end of the month! Holy hell. Time fucking flies.

I will have ALL MY BOOKS available for sale at the Indy Reads Books booth. I also hope to have postcards available with the EMPIRE ASCENDANT cover and possibly a sampler, though we are still too far out to have ARCs available.

I have TWO: count them, TWO signings, on Friday and Saturday, so there’s no excuse about why you can’t make one of them.

NO EXCUSE. Bring whisky. And friends.

Here’s where you can find me at the con:


9:00 a.m. : Business of Writing 101

10:00 a.m. :The Business of Writing: How to Talk About Your Book

11:00 a.m. :Early Stage Writing Career: What to Expect

1:00 p.m. :The Business of Writing: Networking

2:00 p.m. :Writing Craft: High Fantasy Without the Cliches

5-7:00 p.m.: Author MEGACAST with the Once & Future Podcast


FRIDAY July 31st

9:00 a.m. :Writer’s Craft 101

 4:00 p.m.: Signing at Indy Reads Books Booth

(bring friends and whisky)


SATURDAY August 1st

9:00 a.m. :Character Craft 101

10:00 a.m.: Character Craft: Character Voice

2:00 p.m.: Signing at the Angry Robot Books Booth!

(friends, whisky)

6:00 pm: Character Craft: Writing the Other


ConFusion 2015: Panel Schedule

I’ll be at CONFusion next month (eeeee) from January 16th-19th. That’s… in 2015! 10 days before my book will be due! OH LORDY.

I plan to be at the bar that Thursday night, so I do hope to see the early birds there as well to kick off the drinking right, as you can see my first panel isn’t until 5pm on Friday.

And if you miss that Justin-Landon-interviews-me-and-Joe-Abercrombie event, well… YOU ARE A FOOL WHY ELSE WOULD YOU COME TO THIS CONVENTION BUT FOR THIS ONE EVENT???

So, here we go.

Here’s where you can find me!

Friday 5pm: What About Peaceful Societies?
Utopias are often described to be perfect, peaceful societies. Peaceful societies in Sci-Fi are almost without fail a reference to enforced peace and a situation to be escaped from – the dystopic novel. But what happens to peaceful societies that aren’t part of a dystopia world? Can any society truly be peaceful? And what’s the conflict worth writing about in an inherently peaceful society?

Saturday 1pm: Bugs, Magic, and Protein
We share the planet with quintillions of insects, so it’s no surprise that they have an unfathomable range of uses. Let’s make the versatility of insects work for us, from a food source to a magic system.

Saturday 3pm: Mass Autograph Session

Saturday 8pm: Joe Abercrombie & Kameron Hurley interview
Justin Landon interviews best-selling author Joe Abercrombie and Hugo winner Kameron Hurley

Saturday 9pmThe Business of Publishing

Come listen to me and Mike Underwood, North American Marketing Manager at Angry Robot Books, and other fine folks, give you the TOTAL UNCENSORED TRUTH about the business of publishing. Have some drinks beforehand.

Sunday 1pm: Post-Binary SF
Non-binary gender exists—it is not new, it is not confined to people in one cultural or linguistic group. Non-binary pronouns are in use by real people. The future, whether it incorporates non-binary gender(s) or goes beyond the binary—and it will do one, or both, of these things, in reflection of the reality of non-binary gender—will see shifts in language. It is absurd for science fiction not to reflect this. It is especially absurd in a genre used to language invented for the story. How can we improve on this?


Until then, back to the word mines for me!


GenCon Schedule: Indianapolis Area Appearances

Announcing my final (in person) appearance for the year, and it’s… a busy one. I’ll be at GenCon in Indianapolis, IN as opposed to Loncon (same weekend!), as it is far cheaper and within driving distance from my house. Bonus!

Also, I can avoid the Hugo ceremony there. Because that’s going to be special, for a host of reasons.

I’ll have books for sale at Gencon, INCLUDING copies of the (apparently!) highly anticipated THE MIRROR EMPIRE. You should be able to find these in the dealer’s room at the Indy Reads Books booth.

For those unfamiliar with the Writers’ Symposium area/track of Gencon, well, here’s your chance. This is actually a separate wing/track of the broader convention, with fewer crowds and more authors. It’s the first time I’ve done it, and I’m curious to see how things go.

So without further ado, here’s where I’ll be at:


Thursday August 14

12:00 PM: Room 243. Writer’s Craft: Not a Minority Anymore.

2:00 PM: Room 245. Writer’s Craft: How Much Description?

3:00 PM: Room WKS. Industry Pro:  Publicity, Marketing & PR

6:00 PM: Room 245. Writer’s Craft:  Editing Your Work

7:00 PM: Room 244. Non-Medieval  Fantasy


Friday August 15

12:00 PM: Room WKS. Worldbuilding: Nations and History

2:00 PM. Room 243. Business of Writing: Author Networking 101

4:00 PM. Dealer’s Room. Indy Reads Books booth. Author Signing. (books available)


Saturday August 16

10:00 AM: Room 245. Writer’s Life: Writer Support Networks

11:00 AM: Room WKS. Worldbuilding: Religion & Mythology.

12:00 PM: Room WKS. Worldbuilding: Magic & Technology.

2:00   PM: Room 245. Writer’s Life: Persistence & Realities of Being a Writer


Sunday, August 17

Avoiding the Hugos







Readercon Schedule: Boston area appearances!

So, right off the heels of CONvergence, I have a smaller, lit-focused con I’m attending this weekend outside Boston – Readercon. This will be a much slower-paced con, as I’m told there are only about 750 or so folks there, mostly writers and book-loving folks, which I anticipate will be a very, very different con experience. Certainly more my regular speed that busy CONvergence, but also, I suspect less fan energy!

I did very much enjoy connecting with fans at CONvergence. I do hope to see some old and new faces at Readercon – and meet a TON of folks I’ve only ever spoken to online as yet. Super excited.

As before, I will have a few copies of God’s War, Infidel and Rapture (though I suspect many in this crowd will have read it), as well as both postcards and about a dozen sample chapter booklets for THE MIRROR EMPIRE, which I expect will go over better with this particular crowd.

Here’s where you can find me:


Thursday July 10

9:00 PM    G    What Won’t You Write?. John Chu, Kameron Hurley, David Shaw (moderator), Romie Stott. Charles Stross has said publicly that he won’t write about children being harmed or exploited. Seanan McGuire refuses to write about female characters being raped. Many other writers have no-go topics. Panelists will discuss their personal choices for off-limits subject areas, and their reasons for the ban.


Friday July 11

3:00 PM    CO    Militarism and Pacifism in Speculative Fiction. Chris Brown, Michael Cisco, Kameron Hurley (leader), James Morrow, Bud Sparhawk. Wars and military service often feature prominently in genre fiction, as plot devices, settings, occupations, and motivations. The presence of a standing military in a culture implies conflict—past or present or future, realized or potential. Wars in speculative settings are often presented as inescapable and morally unambiguous; it’s hard to be a pacifist when the enemy is a group of vampires or aliens bent on human extinction. How do we write about military spaces and their implications for created cultures? What can be done in military settings that can’t be done in civilian ones? And how do we make space for pacifism and critiques of militarism as well as battlefield action and military strategy?


6:00 PM    ENL    The Convergence of Utopia and SF . Lila Garrott, Chris Gerwel (leader), Kameron Hurley, Paul Park. In a blog post about Readercon 24’s utopia panels, Chris Gerwel wrote, “Utopian thought is a systemic ‘what if’ game: If we adjust the systems that shape our society, how will our society change?” Observing that “what if?” is at the heart of science fiction, Gerwel adds, “Can we have science fiction that isn’t utopian? Or can we have a utopia which isn’t science fictional?” This panel will tackle these and other deep questions about the nature of utopia and its relationship with SF.


8:00 PM    E    Autographs. Kameron Hurley, Toni L.P. “Leigh Perry” Kelner.


Saturday July 12

10:00 AM    G    Imaginative Resistance. Matthew Cheney, Felix Gilman, Kameron Hurley, Anil Menon, James Morrow (leader), Paul Park. In Mimesis As Make-Believe, Kendall Walton describes a reader’s “…curious reluctance to allow fictional worlds to differ in fundamental moral respects from the real world as we understand it.” This reluctance, now called imaginative resistance, manifests when a reader is wiling to accept fantastical claims as long as they don’t violate a personal belief. Even readers who accept the logic behind the decision in “The Cold Equations” (which not all readers do) will balk at the inevitable conclusion. How does this resistance affect the interplay between reality and fantasy when it comes to morality? Why are we comfortable with dragons, but not with lovable murderers? Do authors have enough control to overcome this resistance?


12:00 PM    F    New Models of Masculinity. Erik Amundsen, John Benson, Kameron Hurley (leader), Catt Kingsgrave, Bart Leib. In a comment on Chuck Wendig’s blog, Nobilis Reed wrote, “I think one of the ways that speculative fiction can really change the world in a way that it needs right now, is to provide models of masculinity that don’t involve oppressing people.” There’s no denying that today’s speculative heroes are frequently brooding, violent, incapable of healthy relationships, and otherwise not exactly role model material. This panel will brainstorm ways to create fictional men and masculine people who we’d actually want to spend time with.


6:00 PM Women Destroy…. ReadingAmal El-Mohtar, Sarah Pinsker, Holly Schofield, Kameron Hurley, Liz Argall, Livia Llewellyn, Gemma Files. Come meet some of your fav Women Destroy SF/Fantasy/Horror collection writers.


Sunday July 13

11:00 AM    G    Publishing and Marketing. Neil Clarke, Liz Gorinsky (leader), Kameron Hurley, Tom Purdom, Ian Randal Strock. This panel will address the business side of writing and publishing. Panelists will discuss marketing department decisions and other parts of the publishing machine. How these decisions affect the ways we write and read?


Hope to see folks there!



ConFusion Schedule: Jan 17-19th

I’ll be at ConFusion this year in Detroit (LEGENDARY ConFusion, I’m told) along with a number of other extraordinary folks. As this looks like it may be my only con this year (barring News), I hope to see a bunch of folks there.

Note to those trying to contact me at ConFusion: Just @reply me on Twitter. Ya’ll know I’m an addict. In addition to my phone, I’ll also be bringing my laptop to catch up on just a *tad* bit of work at the con (JUST A TAD. Trying hard to get caught up this week so I can spend more time at the bar).

I also really dig my programming schedule. You can probably figure out why just by browsing the bolded headlines. 

Here’s where you can find me (besides the bar):

How to Write Compelling Male Characters
Stina Leicht (M), Jacqueline Carey, Cherie Priest, Kameron Hurley, Mike Carey
2pm Saturday – Michigan Room
We examine writing the other, but try to wrest from the discussion the assumption that the default character is male.

How is Twitter changing writing?
Sam Sykes, J. C. Daniels, Carrie Harris, Kameron Hurley, John Klima
6pm Saturday – Rotunda
More than many other social media, Twitter allows anyone to interact with their favorite pop culture icons. A fan might tweet about a dream where she was rescued by Nathan Fillion only to have him respond with a “you’re welcome”. In this landscape, communication between and among fans and authors is in flux, breaking new ground and knocking down walls without apparent effort. How has this impact helped and hurt the speculative fiction landscape, and how will it continue to do so into the near future? You are encouraged to live tweet this panel.

Fixing inconsistencies in your own works
Kameron Hurley, Ron Collins, Howard Tayler, Janet Harriett, Cherie Priest, Catherine Shaffer
10am Sunday – Rotunda
You have just discovered, upon rereading a previous novel in the universe you are writing, a point that completely nullifies the plot of the book you are trying to write. What do you do? This particular issue comes up often, and the solution may make everything better. Our panel discusses how to proceed from this thorn, once you’ve calmed down…

Faking History
Brigid Collins, Brian McClellan, Kameron Hurley, C.C. Finlay, Howard Andrew Jones
1pm Sunday – Erie
Legends generally take time. History has a weight that helps to propel the present and inform a culture. In building an epic backstory in fantasy or science fiction, how does one do that? Flat out stating “there is a legend of this thing with a badger” only serves to make an audience look for the badger, so how does one craftily insert these details without a reader taking conscious notice? Who does this well, and what can we learn from some others who have done it less well?



My Epic Confusion Schedule – Jan 20-22

For some bizarre reason, I agreed to attend a con this year – my first actual attendance (instead of a drive-by) as somebody who actually, you know, wrote some books.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been social, so I’m looking forward to meeting and re-connecting with folks I haven’t seen in years. If you’d like to see me rant about all sorts of crazy things I like to rant about, or just sign a book, or just want to say hello, here’s where I’ll be:

7pm, Friday Salon G: Race, Class, and Gender

Steve Piziks, Kameron Hurley, Kristine Smith, Sarah Zettel, Jay Lake

11am, Saturday Salon H: Killer Parties (yes, the sort that kill people! kh)
Kameron Hurley, Cat Rambo, Steve Buchheit, Myke Cole, Michelle Sagara West

4pm, Saturday Salon F: Non-Western Fantasy

Peter V. Brett, Kameron Hurley, Christian Klaver, Howard Andrew Jones, Saladin Ahmed

5pm, Saturday Salon E: Mass Autograph Session

 11am, Sunday: Reading. Michelle Sagara West, Kameron Hurley (PLEASE COME! I shall bring a sneak peak of RAPTURE. And possibly give away a copy of GOD’S WAR)

1pm, Sunday Salon F: Women in Combat
Carrie Harris, Jim Hines, Kristine Smith, Scott Lynch, Kameron Hurley