The Mad Men Tango

One of the things that makes Mad Men so consistently watchable is that it defies soap opera conventions. We’ve come to expect certain things from TV shows. We expect these people to live crazy, over-the-top lives full of great tragedies and great good fortune (but mostly, great tragedies). We expect miscarriages, drowned children, car wrecks, […]

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Lunchtime Limbo

While I have a few minutes here at lunch, how about some updatitude: Pandorum was a great little lower-budget SF movie about one of my favorite tropes, which isn’t done enough in movies (likely for budgeting issues). Also, unlike most French films and pretty much all apocalypse novels/movies, the desperate folks were far more interested

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Things Which Are Great

I’ve been busy with the new day jobbe, but wanted to share some things which are great: Alice in Wonderland Never been a fan of Alice in Wonderland. Annoying little kid wandering around a crazy place eating and drinking indiscriminately and poo-pooing about like it’s all a great inconvenience. Tim Burton’s take (with a lovely

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