The Empire is Ascendant: EMPIRE ASCENDANT Blog Tour 2015

It’s that time of year again, folks: when I write you a bloody, epic madcap of a book and flood your local bookery blogs with rants, interviews, and articles about all things strange.

As ever, I’ll be updating this post with links each week as they go live so you can catch up on what you may have missed. There are quite a few podcast appearances not listed here, as they often go up as soon as they are edited, and sometimes there are delays, so circle back after they air – I’ll update the post with links.

Stay frosty, folks.

EMPIRE ASCENDANT, sequel to the Gemmell-and-Locus-Award nominated THE MIRROR EMPIRE, is out October 6th.



9/29: Memes Launch! Countdown!

9/30: Rocket Talk #1: Reviewing Books We Don’t All Agree On Because We Are Not a Hivemind

Last Day of Goodreads Giveaway!

10/1Jista Quiz and Character Quiz!

10/2Nerds of a Feather Interview

10/4: Booktuber Interview, Live! 


10/5: Interview up at


Absolute Zero: The Temperature at Which Authors Give Up;

Interview at Bullspec Magazine

Exploring a Multiplicity of Fictional Worlds;  Barnes and Noble Book Blog

10/7: REDDIT AMA. Be there or be… not there. And miss out on being cool.

The Big Idea; Scalzi’s Place

GrimTidings Podcast Interview

Beer Lounges for Writers (Pants Optional);

Word Nerds Interview

10/8:  When Worlds Collide; My Favorite Bit

Midnight in Karachi Podcast with the Marvelous Mahvesh

Other Suns: Reading, Championing, and Remembering Writers from the Margins; Bibliophilia

You Can’t Write About THAT; Uncanny Magazine

10/9: Interview at Cartesian

Writing Distinctive (and Divisive! Characters) ; My Bookish Ways


10/10: Live Event! Dispatches From the Future: Science Fiction and the Future; Dayton Metro Library



10/12: Language and Worldbuilding; Bibliotrophic

Through the Looking Glass: Recommending Fantasy Novels to Readers; Carnegie Stout Public Library Blog

Dead Men Tell No Tales: On Being an Aspiring Writer in the Digital Age ; SFF Chronicles

10/13The Cake is a Lie: Why Happy Endings Don’t Always Mean Winning;Fantasy Faction

When the Enemy Wears Your Face: Our Obsession with Doppelgangers; Wag the Fox

Interview at Fantasy Literature

10/14:  8 Fantasy Novels Every Writer Should Read;Books Without Any Pictures

Interview at SFF World

10/15Looking Back or Leaping Forward: The Evolving Fantasy Prose Style; Might Thor JRS

10/16: How to Build Great Fictional Cultures; BR Sanders


10/19: What Comes After Dystopia? Dark Matter Zine

10/20: The Empire Strikes Back: Writing that Tricky Second Book; Beauty in Ruins

Interview up at A Fantastical Librarian

10/21: 5 Things Every Writer Should Know About Book Marketing; Bryon Quertemous

Where Does the World Come From? Writing Influences; If These Books Could Talk

Rocket Talk with Matt Wallace


10/22: Book Tour Roundup/What’s Next?



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