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People ask me a lot about how I balance my day job and my fiction work and manage my time. The short answer is “very carefully.” But the longer answer is here, in this great interview with me hosted by David E. Bowman of The Ohlmann Group, a local ad agency here in Dayton where I worked for a time.

I don’t generally like to mix details about my day job and my fiction job here on the blog, which is why you don’t hear too much about what I do on the other side of the fence. But I made an exception here because those two worlds do often intersect, and I think it’s important to talk about how to keep your creative momentum going when you must channel it in so many different directions. So for those who are curious about how I can churn out 500 creative projects a year at the day job as well as a fiction book every year or so, well, here’s how.

The conversation ranges all over, from how kids learn empathy to how you can create a whole book around hornets sniffing out explosives, and how writing web pages and novels actually have a lot of in common. Also, I talk a little bit about my latest work in progress, and how flesh-eating plants are awesome.

Listen in!

Thanks very much to David for the invite. It was a really fun time, and I think the final interview is pretty amazing. I expect that it helped that I’ve known and worked with David for some years now, so it was a fun and comfortable conversation with somebody who already “gets it” when it comes to creativity and hard work. He faces and overcomes the same challenges I do in this wacky biz, so it was a lot like just sitting around BS’ing with a friend. Always a great recipe for an interesting discussion.

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