Who Cares?

You know what my response is to the “men want to form long-term relationships with subordinate women because it’s biologically good for men” thing is?

Who cares?

And who the hell is asking these questions? Did anyone ask how biologically useful it was for women to be weak and malnourished and grow up hating their bodies? Did anyone ask the guys if they found the idea of being ridiculed by their peers for being “pussy whipped” a factor in their dating choices? Did anyone ask what biological advantage women have for going out with men who enjoy beating the crap out of them?

Why, no. No one asked this. Cause this is about men and what men like.

Who cares about the women?

To which I reply, then why should I care about men?

It’s studies like these that try and make it up that men and women should hate each other, that men will always “naturally” be assholes and women will always “naturally” be victims. And these are dangerous images to go selling people.

Blow me.

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