And So

If I declare myself and business and report my writing income ($4500), then I owe $1221. If I don’t declare myself a busines and report my writing income ($4500), then I owe $421. This probably wouldn’t have happened if I’d kept all of my con reciepts. EDIT: Final Federal taxes owed: $553 Yeah, right! I …

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What Keeps Me Up At Night

“God’s War is a 97,000 word fantasy novel of faith, blood, betrayal and submission played out in the contaminated deserts of Nasheen, a matriarchal state engaged in a centuries-old holy war with polygamous Chenja.” Hm, no, that’s not right. I typed: Polygamous. No, that means multiple partners of either sex. What’s more than one wife? …

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Mmmmm Query Letters

The only thing I hate drafting more than query letters are synopses. That’s going to be next. And I just printed out GW AGAIN so I can go through ANOTHER round of line edits. I hacked and combined several chapters during the last pass, and I need to make sure those run smoothly. I’ve also …

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When I’m feeling really down about my work, I go to the bookstore downtown or down the street and I stand in front of the SF/F section. Then I open books at random and read the first few lines, the first paragraph. 98% of the time, it makes me feel a lot better. The rest …

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Campbell Award Eligibility

Well, it looks like I’m still eligible for the Campbell award for Best New SF/F writer (2nd year of eligibility) because of the screwy rules regarding when Strange Horizons became a pro market. For anyone interested in voting, here’s the list of eligible nominees. SO VOTE! No pressure. 🙂 As usual, I’m a pretty small …

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Printing, Printing

Printing tDW today (finally, after a lot of false starts). Takes awhile to print 600 pages. Jenn and I are halfway through season 1 of Babylon 5. Good show. Not much more to report. Dinner tomorrow with James and Ysabeau. Inputting some God’s War line edits. My backporch garden continues to grow.

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