Work it Out

I’ve put on six pounds since J. and I moved in together, largely due to the lack of gym across the street (I got used to the convenience of the gym at The Greene), and our shared love of good food. And, OK, some of this is also weight I put on *because* of the …

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Back at the Gym

Yup, that would be the gym. I’m glad I waited until I could breath again to go, cause jogging last night wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world anyway. Good news is, I made my best time yet. Now it’s off to do the workday training routine at the Y.

Fit Test

Well, it’s that time of year again – time for our quarterly fit test at work. My blood pressure is about the same – still in the good range. Pushups and situps remained the same – about 50 each. My only real accomplishment was shaving off those 4 lbs that I’d gained just before the …

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Well, shit

The pool at the gym is out “until further notice.” When I inquired at the front desk if the pool was having repairs done or something, he said, “Oh, I have no idea what’s going on with the pool.” Way to go Urban Active customer service! You know the one thing gyms could TOTALLY improve …

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Tonight’s Training

Tonight it’s 20 minutes swimming and 25 minutes running. These are the times at which I start to get a little nervous. I’ll do fine and all, but you start giving me 30 min of an exercise (my first 30 min swim is next week) and 20-30 of something else, and… whew. It’s the anticipation …

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Training Daze

I hurt today from yesterday’s weight training workout with the work trainers… and what did I do today? 25 min run (5 min warmup) followed by a 15 min swim. Came home and ate some baked sweet potato fries (rosemary paremesan!), chicken sausage, and cucumber slices. I’m tuckered out. I’m not sure how I’m still …

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Training Tonight

Tonight was 25 minutes jogging followed by 25 minutes biking. I’m starting to up the jogging by .1 miles per session to kick it up a little. I’m only jogging at 4.2 right now, and I think I can get that up to a proper running speed of 6 (::gulp::) in the… um… foreseeable future? …

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30,000 Steps to Peru

So, as many of you know, we have a health and wellness program here at the day job. It includes two hour and a half long training sessions a week, diet and nutrition advice (should you choose to solicit it), quarterly fitness assessments, and monthly fitness challenges. It’s all voluntary, of course, and one’s participation …

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