The F Word


I’ve been thinking a lot about women and power. J. and I went to see John Carter last week, but this isn’t really a rant about John Carter, which has its own issues. What particularly struck me was when J. pointed out that he was surprised to see so many women background characters in the

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For the Record

… the nearest Meetup group that shows up when ones searches for “feminism” is in Louisville. I suspect searching for something like “women’s studies” would end up with similar results. There is a gay Christians group, however. Go figure. You’ve got a long way to go, Ohio.

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Twilight Vs. Buffy

You know what Buffy did when she had to choose between the guy she wanted and saving the world? She fucking killed the guy. Duh. Sometimes you have to kill what you love to save the world. That’s a real story. Ripping off your shirt to show off your sparkle and cliff diving because you

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A little stunned that the first woman to win Best Director won in 2010. That’s two-thousand-and-ten, people. At least this happened before the flying cars?

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