What I Have Decided

I am so fucking ready for this book to be DONE. And I have 6,000 of the last 20,000 words in hand…. … in scribbled notes and loose scenes and last night I wrote a really icky drug withdrawal torture scene, and this after I thought I was done writing icky scenes. I’m thinking that …

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I think she’s an even tougher character to write than Rhys. But then, he was pretty tough to write the first time I took a crack at him, too. Fucking shape-shifting, middle-class, mother-of-two rebel cell leaders. Pain in the ass every time.

Strange Days

Why is it that the happiest scenes are always the hardest for me to write? Maybe because, in my books, happy scenes always mean the worst is about to happen.

Slog, slog, slow

I think doing back-to-back chapters of Rhys-and-Nyx-expositing-over-tea to Nyx-and-Khos-expositing-over-beer is going to be just a little exhausting. Time to break and re-group.


It occurred to me tonight that if Nyx had a blog it would be really awesome. Thing is, Nyx is a really shitty writer. Also, I have too little free time to assist with such endeavors. Blast.

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